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Ranger Academy Course DescriptionSRJC Ranger Academy

The Ranger Academy (AJ 203) is a 17-week, 720 hour, 17.5 unit law enforcement training program Federally Accredited as “Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy” designed for Protection and Enforcement Ranger careers in the National Park Service, or employment in County and Regional Parks.  Students are required to register for and complete both AJ 203A (orientation) and AJ 203B (academy) to earn certification.   

The Academy is conducted at SRJC's Public Safety Training Center in Windsor, CA.

The curriculum is aligned with National Park Service requirements and instructors are often working Rangers. Students train five days per week in modern facilities including an indoor firing range, gymnasium,  driver training track, plus a full-scale scenario village and campground, providing realistic settings for hands-on learning. Students are evaluated with supportive feedback in constitutional and criminal law, behavioral science, park patrol and enforcement, driving, firearms, and officer safety.

SRJC's Ranger Academy was the first of its kind. Since 1978 when the National Park Service first set seasonal ranger training standards, SRJC has hosted 135 classes with more than 3500 graduates. Please call us if you want to get started in this rewarding program.


Ranger Academy Class 133


Congratulations Graduating Class 137!  2019


Dates: (Include both orientation and academy)

Fall 2019 Dates:  August 19 - December 13, 2019

Spring 2020 Dates:  January 13 - May 15, 2020

Fall 2020 Dates:  August 17 - December 11, 2020


California Resident Cost (estimate): $3400

Out of State Resident Cost (estimate): $9200


Course costs include all required fees: registration, ammunition, driver training, handouts, and health services. Course Costs do not include parking fees, room and board, or uniforms.

Any person who has not been a California resident for one year prior to the first day of the semester in which he or she will attend is required to pay out-of-state fees.

Link to Financial Aid homepage:https://financialaid.santarosa.edu/

Link to Promise Grant fee waiver information:  https://financialaid.santarosa.edu/sites/financialaid.santarosa.edu/files/1819CAPromiseGrantApplicationENG.pdf


                               SRJC Ranger Academy                                                                                       


Days and Hours

Classes are conducted Tuesday through Saturday from 8am to 5pm with additional evening and weekend sessions. Examinations are given every 2 weeks on the material covered. 


SRJC Public Safety



Minimum Requirements

While no formal prerequisites are required, past students with some college course work or formal training have proven more successful in academic testing on topics such as law, policy, and investigations.    SRJC Public Safety Pistol training

The prerequisites for the Seasonal Law Enforcement Ranger Program include a valid driver's license, Physician's approval, and a successful criminal history check. To fill out an application for enrollment for the course,  click here, then explore the Steps for New Students information. You are required to file an online application (at no cost) and obtain your student ID# and PIN. Information on  financial aid, learning disabilities, student housing choices, veteran's assistance, and other student services are also available on the below linked SRJC sites.

Ranger Academy students must formally prove that they do not have a serious criminal record. This is required to ensure suitability for law enforcement work and the ability to legally possess and train with firearms. For California students a letter from the California Depart of Justice stating a clear criminal history must be obtained through the "live scan" fingerprint process. The following website has additional information: http://ag.ca.gov/fingerprints. Students from states other than California should seek a similar fingerprint-based criminal history record service in their area. Registered students must provide this verification prior to the start of training.


Registration Process:

Registration for the Ranger Academy is restricted, therefore you must contact the academy administrative assistant, Kelly Ransbottom directly, to be registered. Registration will be processed only after the following requirements are met. After you have filled out your online application with the JC and have your student ID number, you will need to fill out the New Applicant Questionnaire. Once this form is completed and received, a seat will be reserved for you in the academy. Once you have a seat reserved, you will then need to return the completed medical clearance form and live scan results letter confirming your background clearance. When both of those documents are received, you will then officially be registered for the academy. Registration is on a first come, first served basis. 


Registration Information:



New Applicant Questionnaire: Click Here

Fill out this questionnaire and email it to Kransbottom@santarosa.edu - this will allow the Director to get to know you before the Academy starts.



Live Scan Form: Click Here

In California, your DOJ clearance can take up to 6 weeks for your results. You will need to download this form and get it processed well before the start of the Academy.  You can get your background done at many Fed-Ex locations, please note you are filing it as a "self-sponsored" person, therefore no mail code or CICA Agency number is needed (the results letter will be mailed to your address not to our office.) It is your responsibility to provide us with a copy. You will not be allowed on our firing range without clearance. You will not be allowed on our firing range without clearance. 

Medical Clearance Form: Click Here

This form must be filled out by a physician clearing you for the physical activities listed. Once completed email both forms to Kransbottom@santarosa.edu. This will confirm your seat in the class and you will be officially registered, on a first come, first served and space available basis.


Step 3: (Required AT START OF ACADEMY)

New Applicant DATA Form: Click Here

This packet must be printed, filled out, and brought in on your first day of class.  If you have any questions about the forms, or if you need the packet mailed to you because you do not have a printer,  please email Kelly Ransbottom @ kransbottom@santarosa.edu

Other Important Information

On the first day of class we will be going over all the above paperwork. We will also get your parking permits processed, so please bring with you $60 in either cash or check.

*Students must provide 2 passport size photos

**Payment for the Ranger Academy is not due until the first day of class. We will offer a payment plan for those students who cannot pay in full: we allow you to fill out a payment deferment schedule and make three equal payments, with the first payment DUE the 1st day of class.


For any questions or concerns regarding registration and paperwork, please contact:

Kelly Ransbottom




More Resources: 

Academic Preparation

Become A Law Enforcement Ranger

National Park Service Medical Standards

SLETP Trainee Standards Handbook

Uniform Requirements

Federal Physical Fitness Standards

Federal Emergency Management Agency -Advance Training

(During the course of Ranger Academy, all students are required to earn independent study certificates in 4 mini-courses: IS-100.b; IS-700.a; IS-200.b; and IS-800.b)

SRJC Application for enrollment



There is no on-campus housing available. For off-campus housing information, please visit the Santa Rosa Junior College's Student Off-Campus Housing Assistance website:https://housing.santarosa.edu/


The Ranger Academy is conducted at the Public Safety Training Center. The Training Center is located at 5743 Skylane Blvd, Windsor, CA 95492. Map:http://g.co/maps/q9eyp. For information on seasonal work with the National Park Service go to www.nps.gov/personnel


 SRJC Ranger Academy



       National Park Service              https://www.nps.gov/aboutus/become-a-law-enforcement-ranger.htm


   USA Jobs site       https://www.usajobs.gov/



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Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

If you need disability related accommodations for this class, such as a note-taker, test-taking services, special furniture, etc., please provide the Authorization for Academic Accommodations (AAA) letter from the Disability Resources Department (DRD) to the instructor as soon as possible. You may also speak with the instructor privately during office hours about your accommodations. If you have not received authorization from DRD, it is recommended that you contact them directly. DRD is located in Analy Village on the Santa Rosa campus (phone (707) 527-4278) and in Jacobs Hall on the Petaluma campus (phone (707) 778-2491). SRJC DRD website:https://drd.santarosa.edu/


SRJC Ranger Academy