Firfighter I Reciprocity

Firefighter I Reciprocity


For fire personnel who possess a Firefighter I (FFI) from the Department of Defense or another State and wish to obtain a California (SFT) FFI, the SRJC has developed a path for students to reach this goal. The first step is to visit the California Office of the State Fire Marshal State Fire Training Division (SFT) Fire Fighter 1 page and scroll down to the Reciprocity Information which will allow you to identify what is required and obtain a SFT Reciprocity Review Letter. If the letter specifies you have met all training requirements and only need to participate in all three modules of the certification exam process FF1A (Structural), FF1B (Hazmat) and FF1C (Wildland), then you should enroll in Fire 208.4 which can include one or all three test components. If your SFT authorization letter indicates you only require the Wildland Firefighter certification exam, as an alternative, you may attend the Wildland Fire Academy (Fire 206).

Fire 206 can be offered where students will join the Firefighter I academy during the wildland week and participate in the wildland test process with the academy students or as a stand alone Wildland Fire Academy.

During the Fire Academy class you will be held to the same standards and code of conduct as the academy students. Upon successful completion students will receive S-130, 131, 190 & L-180 certs. Please note that if participation is with the fire academy, the cognitive test dates will be follow the fire academy test schedule. It may be necessary for you to return on the test date to pass the course.

While this course satisfies the most common requirement out of state candidates need for a California FFI, it is important to note SFT has additional course requirements which may not be part of the DOD/out-of-State FFI you possess. These include:

  • 16 hour SFT Firefighter Safety and Survival
  • 8 hour SFT Confined Space Awareness
  • SFT FF1B (Hazmat)

While not scheduled as a specific “stand-alone” courses, all are offered each semester as a part of the FFI academy which students can attend by joining the academy in process as would occur with the Fire 206 (based on seat availability).

A second option is the Fire 206 Wildland Academy. This will include all of the certifications needed to be a Wildland Firefighter. 

The cost of each are based on the cost of the certificates from the respective institutions plus a small fee to cover instruction costs. For more information, please contact Admin. Assistant Nikki Soto at or 836-2907