Courses For Career Firefighters


Courses for Career Firefighters

In addition to the Fire Academies and course offerings for the degree and certificate programs, the Fire Technology Department provides continuing education opportunities for individuals employed in the fire service. These “In-service” courses focus on those developed by the California Fire Service Training and Education System (CFSTES) and Fire Service Training and Education Program (FSTEP). Central to these offerings are the courses necessary to become certified as a Fire Officer. Some of which include:

            Fire Command 1A
Fire 204A Command Principles for Company Officers

            Fire Command 1B
Fire 204B Incident Management for Company Officers

            Fire Command 1C
Fire 204C I-Zone Firefighting for Company Officers

            Training Inst.    1A
Fire 200.1 Cognitive Lesson Delivery

            Training Inst.    1B
Fire 200.2 Psychomotor Lesson Delivery

            Training Inst.   1C
Fire 200.3 Instructional Delivery Techniques

            Fire Management 1
Fire 203 Management and Supervision for Company Officers

            Fire Prevention 1
Fire 201 Fire and Life Safety Inspections for the Company Officer

            Fire Investigation 1A
Fire 209 Fire Origin Cause and Determination

Fire 202 Ethical Leadership in the Classroom
            Driver Operator 1A
Fire 241 Fire Apparatus Driver Operator IA, Emergency Vehicle Operations

            Driver Operator 1B
Fire 258 Fire Apparatus Driver Operator IB, Pump Operations


Beginning in Spring Semester 2017, the Fire Program will retire the existing courses in the CFSTES “Fire Officer” certification track and begin offering the following courses in the successor Company Officer certification track:

  • All Risk Command Ops

Fire 270.1      All Risk Command Operations for the Company Officer

  • Wildland Ops

Fire 270.2      Wildland Incident Operations for the Company Officer

  • Haz Mat IC

Fire 270.3      Hazardous Materials Incident Commander

  • Fire Management

Fire 271.1      Human Resource Management for Company Officers

  • Fire Administration

Fire 271.2      Fire Administration for Company Officers

  • Fire Inspections/Investigations

Fire 272         Fire Inspections and Investigations for Company Officers

  • Fire Service Instructor

Fire 273.1      Fire Service Instructor I

  • Intermediate Fire Behavior

Fire 219         S-290 Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior

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