Firefighter I Certification Test Class

The SRJC Fire Program has developed the Fire 208.4 FireFighter I (FFI) Certification Test class to respond to the State Fire Training requirement that all FFI candidates now must complete this test process. Specifically, it caters to fire fighters who are seeking to obtain their FireFighter I (FFI) but have chosen to conduct their training with a local fire agency, firefighters from out of state who wish to obtain a California FFI certificate or those who currently possess a California FFI Certificate and wish to upgrade to an IFSAC/Pro-Board/SFT FFI certificate. If any of these situations apply to you, this is the class that will satisfy that requirement. Fire 208.4 is strictly a test class consisting of all elements of the SFT/IFSAC/Pro-Board Firefighter I certification test. The class does not include any instruction and it is the responsibility of the student to have completed all training as identified in the SFT FFI Course Plan including all SFT skills prior to attending the course. Students are expected to be familiar with all Structural, Wildland and Haz-mat FFI evolutions as found on the 67 SFT FFI Skills Sheets and will be given limited time to practice these skills prior to beginning the test process.

For more information please click on the link to the Course Syllabus or contact Heather Wonneberger at 707-836-2908 or